The Town of Arborg also offers the following services:

Issuance of:
Lottery Licences, Two signatures are required on your application
Annual Business Licences, Current fees are $20 for the year
Annual Dog Licences, Proof of Rabies vaccination must be presented at time of purchase

Garbage Pick-Up, Pick up is Tuesday for Main Street and East; Main Street and West is picked up on Friday.
Recycle Pick-Up, Pick up for the entire Town of Arborg is on Tuesday.
Seniors can access numerous resources by visiting Maureen Sigurgeirson at the Seniors Resource office, also located in the Municipal building at 337 River Rd. Phone 204-376-3494.
Arborg Bifrost Community Development Corporation maintains an office in the Municipal Building. The office can be reached at 204-376-5742.
During the summer months, the Municipal building also houses the Manitoba Youth Job Centre. Check for contact information each May.
New Immigrants can contact Eugene Zalevich of the Interlake Immigration Settlement Services (IISS) office by calling 204-378-5106, ext. 3, for inquiries and assistance. Eugene is located at 12 Main Street, Riverton, in the Community Futures building. Toll Free at 1-888-303-2232.
The Town of Arborg encourages growth, and is part of the Eastern Interlake Planning District. For questions regarding zoning, permits, etc, please contact them at 204-642-5478, or visit their website at
We are also a member of the East Interlake Conservation District. To see details of projects and commitments, please visit them at